Could Senate primary be hot on both sides?

There’s plenty of talk about Missouri’s soon-to-be open U.S. Senate seat, with the coming retirement of Kit Bond. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is the natural front-runner for the Democrats, but on the GOP side there is no clear favorite. Which means, of course, that the state party could see another hotly contested statewide primary, following this cycle’s gubernatorial primary between Rep. Kenny Hulshof and former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. You’ve heard the names before:

Rep. Roy Blunt

former Sen. Jim Talent

former Secretary of State Sarah Steelman

Rep. Sam Graves

The Democrats could have their own race, however, and it certainly could be fun to watch. Rep. Lacy Clay is purportedly considering challenging Carnahan in the primary.

Question: How much of the Democratic primary vote is Black? While Carnahan obviously has much better name ID statewide, and has won statewide before, and probably has the better network, if Clay can win a large majority of the Black vote, that would seem to make him at least competitive, right off the bat.


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