Red Rocks a site to see in Denver

Note: As implied in the title, this blog will occasionally venture into subjects beyond politics. This is one of those venturesome moments. 

The drive into Red Rocks

The drive into Red Rocks

This week I am in the mile high city, beautiful Denver, Colorado. My family has descended from our respective outposts across the country (with five adult siblings and two parents, we are something of a diaspora spreading from East to West Coast and everywhere in between) to stay with my brother and his wife for the Christmas Holiday. We’re only missing my younger sister, who is stuck in southern California (if one may use “stuck” and “southern California” in the same sentence), where her job as a pilot keeps her on call.

My girlfriend has also joined us for the holiday, and today she and I made the short drive from Denver to Morrison to enjoy the natural beauty of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. Carved into gorgeous red sandstone is a stage and seating enough for nearly 10,000, creating a concert venue like no other. Long distance views and dramatic sight-lines captivate the aesthetic senses. 

While visitors are asked not to climb around the rocks, there are plenty of trails to take yourself right into the middle of all this nature. The visitor’s center is also nice, and the town of Morrison is charming and original. If you find yourself in Denver anytime soon, I highly recommend visiting the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.


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